ICON A5 IPC : Introduction : Organization and Structure of This Catalog
Organization and Structure of This Catalog
Understanding the organization and structure of this IPC is key to properly using it.
Each installation in the IPC consists of a number of different sections. They are described below. These sections are not titled but are consistent throughout the IPC.
Context Image
An image that shows the installation within the larger context of the aircraft or system.
A High Level Image
This image shows the complete installation and will have some of the individual parts called out.
Detail Images (optional)
When part of an installation needs a closer look in order to best convey the individual hardware and parts that are included in that part of the installation, a detailed image will be included. Not all installations include detail images. If a detail image or images are needed, a callout (See Detail) will be placed on the high level image.
High level images and detail images will include tables with the part number, part description, how many of that part appears in the image, UOM, and any remarks about the part. These parts will correspond with a callout number in the image. The table directly following the image lists the parts called out in that image. Parts may appear in multiple tables if there more than one of that part in the installation. Specific instances of a part are not called out in multiple images. The number of parts in the table represent the number of parts in the corresponding image.
Image Callouts
There are three types of image callouts in the IPC:
Figure 1. Single Callout
If a single callout is used, there will be a leader line to each part it is referencing.
Figure 2. Multiple Callout
Multiple callouts can be read, there are 2 instances of item number 3. When this style callout is used, only one leader line will point to an example of the item in the image.
Figure 3. See Detail
A see detail callout is used on the high level image to indicate that one or more detail images are being used below.
Additional Information About This Document
There are production variations with regard to number of washers, thickness of washers, and grip lengths of bolts. Sometimes those instances are noted in the remarks, but it is a good practice to pay attention to what is being taken off the aircraft. For specific instructions, see the Maintenance Manual.
Special Tools are not included in the IPC. Any information regarding Special Tools can be found in the Maintenance Manual.