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Manual Revisions
This document utilizes topic-level revision control. Each topic of the document contains a Topic ID just below the title. The Topic ID consists of a six digit number followed by a 2 digit “Version” number; for example, “100001-00”. The first six digits will remain constant while the second number will change with each version.
A major release or “Revision” of the document is called an “Issue”. The issue letter and its effective Date Code are listed on the home page; for example, “Issue D Date Code: 20220520”.
Updates and changes to the topics are called “Versions” and are designated using the 2 digit suffix in the Topic ID. For example, 100001-00 is the initial release of this topic to the web and 100001-01 is the first new version of Topic ID 100001. These updates are listed on the “Issue” page in the Revisions chapter of this web page.
Updates changes to the document are defined as corrections or changes to the content of the document. Small editorial changes, like the correction of spelling errors or typos when substance of the content is not affected, will not change the version number.